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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Recipe Wednesday

Hi Everyone
My recipe today is an old favourite. I'm calling it Ginger and Apple Layer Pudding but the boys may have different ideas ? I'm a bit behind on my recipe schedule, so we will eat the pudding this evening. As usual - I will post the results later.


The pudding is simply layers of different flavours and textures with a little 'bite' in the form of stem ginger, which gives the pudding a tiny bit of an after taste which I love. 
I used 2 cooking apples which have been cooked and sweetened with honey and about 8 ginger snaps (crushed in the processor) and a small tub of double cream (whipped). I diced 2 pieces of stem ginger, the sort that comes in a bottle in syrup. I then folded the diced ginger into the whipped cream. Now for the construction part, I simply layer the apple, cream mix and crushed biscuits. Any order will do. I divided all the different ingredients between the bowls in layers. In my case, for a serving of 3, I started with the apple then a thin layer of biscuit then the cream mixture and finally a topping of biscuit. For serving, I dusted icing sugar over the top - this gives the pudding a professional finish.
You could add nuts or chocolate or little bits of ginger on the top to change the appearance.

I'm a great fan of this kind of pudding, easy to make and not much washing up ! I'm already convinced it's worth going in the book. However, the boys need to give their views. I will post the results later. Don't forget to look in, this evening.

Thanks for reading.

RESULTS - name is Gunger and Apple Crunch. This pudding gets 13/15 and goes into the book.