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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Clay Day

Hi Everybody
I'm still working on the development of my new 'inspiration beads' from last week (read back last Thursday for details). I've experimented and was not happy with the texture patterns I produced. I've since acquired some more fabric to use as a sort of print tool. I had tried a similar fabric for this purpose and ended up with little strands of the fabric embedded in the clay. To stop this happening, I've coated the latest fabric to seal in the fibres. It's the pattern I want not the fibres. I will make more textured clay today with the sealed fabric and hopefully I will get the textured beads from my inspiration piece. Here is another look at the inspiration.


I especially like the range of colours used in this lovely piece. My colours will probably be more defined ie limited to the reds and the blues. I hope to keep solid colours but not the range in between. I'm going to colour the clay after the texture is complete. I'm thinking of using alcohol inks at the moment. This could change ? I'm using white clay throughout and want a strong colour to complete my beads. This is my experiment day so anything could happen.

Thanks for reading.