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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Recipe Wednesday

Hi Everyone
My recipe today is a great one from Jamie Oliver. It's a kind of fruit ice cream. I've made this pudding with lots of different fruits but I think the berry fruits work best. The recipe is a loose one and I usually keep adding each element until the consistency is right. Different fruits have a different effect on the consistency. I often fall back on this pudding when I have very little time and few ideas ! All that's involved is frozen fruit and yogurt (for the main element). Extras will determine how interesting the pudding turns out.
Jamie uses frozen berries (500gm),natural yogurt (500gm) and honey (4 tbsp) with a sprig of fresh mint. I like to use mixed berries bought frozen from the supermarket. You could make your own mixed pack. I've learned that some fruits cause too much liquid so combinations need to be tested eg too many fresh strawberries doesn't work so well because there too much water involved. If I want to use strawberries, very small frozen strawberries seem to work better. Generally, I think you need small bits of fruit in this recipe. Whatever, the mix of fruit needs to be frozen to start. 

To produce the pudding, add fruit of your choice ( I'm using blueberries) to a bowl - this will accompany the 'ice cream'. Wiz the frozen berries with the yogurt and honey and that's it as far as the 'ice cream' is concerned. You can present this in many ways with lots of fruit combinations and extras. I'm preparing the pudding for 3 people and will use a 200gm frozen mixed berry fruit tub. I'm adding about a 450gm tub of Greek yogurt with honey. Wiz the ingredients in a food processor and place in the freezer for 5 mins. Spoon out into the bowl, on top of the fresh  blueberries and serve with a chunky chocolate cookie (bought from Marks and Spencer). I will post an update later with the scores and a new name. Here is a quick look at Jamie Oliver's version :


Thanks for reading. Call in later for an update.

UPDATE - photos from our Berry Ice (name is OK and we will keep it) are not good so will make it again and take some more. The pudding has been given a 'thumbs up' from the boys, so it will definitely make it into the book. Overal the pudding has gained a 13/15 score. I will add some photos as soon as we have the pudding again - Im thinking of choosing another fruit to try out an alternative.