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Monday, 27 June 2016

Felted Purse Project

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing my little plan to embellish my felted coin purse today. Read back for more on this project. The actual body of the purse has been shaped and dried and I've collected a whole range of beads which will form part of the decoration. I will also add more wool fibres using dry felting techniques, guided by my inspirational art (see top image in my photo below).I'm keen to include a flower as per the art image and will probably go for an embroidered approach.

I want the purse decoration to be minimal rather than overloaded with beads and pattern, so - lots of decisions to be made re leaving stuff out ! I'm keen to keep this purse true to my inspiration image.

However, I now have a need to make more purses to indulge myself with beading and maximum embellishments ! I have the idea of a very bright and heavily embellished blue/green item !!! Ive also got a range of purse frames - varied shapes and sizes and will try out some different purse shapes to accommodate.
Thanks for calling by.