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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Wet Felted Purses

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing photos from our Making Workshop (yesterday). The whole experience was lovely. Lots of chat, coffee and messing about with water !
Everyone made the initial part of their coin purse and we had lot of amazing designs and colour combinations. Well done all our Makers ! 

The purses  are waiting to dry and next time we will add to the shaped felt with needle felting techniques as well as beading options for decoration. We will also attach the coin purse frame to turn our little felted balls into the purse.


My little design idea (note image below) was a partial success. I wanted to give a suggestion of the design using colour and a defined flower.

 The wet felting techniques could have worked better with my colour block but I'm more than happy with the final result. The colours are good for me and Im already seeing ways of using the flower idea and the lines. I'm going to try out another wet felted ball - having learned from my first approach. This time, I will define the blocks in the felt. 
I'm hoping to further define the colour blocks (on my initial ball) with dry felting and the flower with arrive with embroidery. I need to get some beads into the design too - just because I like the idea.

Thanks for calling in - we will follow the felted purse over the next few sessions and I will share a few updates as my purse develops.