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Friday, 17 June 2016

Freya's New Dress and other things ................

Hi Everyone
My work list this week has been hijacked by a few projects - mostly to do with yarn !! My crochet dolls and a knitted cardigan have taken over ! I'm sharing a new dress for Freya today (read back for more on my crochet dolls).


This dress has been partially knitted and partially croched. I'm hoping to add some little buttons to the front and possibly some beads to the skirt. Freya also needs some extra accessories - Ive got ideas about a bag and possibly a little dog ? I'm happy to see her developing character coming together.
The knitted cardigan project has also taken up more time than I had to give ! I've been making this item for a few weeks and have treated it as an evening 'hobby' type project and really enjoyed making it. This week, however, I've been rather impatient and wanted to get it finished, as a result I made a few mistakes on the sleeve. The sleeves in the printed pattern image are short, almost cap sleeves. My version will have 3/4 length sleeves as well as a longer body part. More photos when it's complete. I made an error in an obvious place (note the blue yarn point in the image) and decided to undo the whole of a finished sleeve and redo. I don't mind doing this to get a good finish ! - I did, however, take a deep breadth and made a coffee first !

This Carol Fuller pattern is beautiful and I can't wait to wear it. The yarn has been waiting in my stash for quite some time - I'm not sure where it came from ? It's a merino wool and cashmere in this lovely pistachio colour. The cardigan is so soft and drapes so well. Hopefully, I can finish the cardigan this weekend. I'm not going to rush things - no more mistakes allowed !

Thanks for calling in. 
Have a great weekend.