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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Lucy and Barney

Hi Everyone
I have a quick update of the crochet doll project. 
Lucy has a new friend called Barney. Barney is almost done and I'm sharing the inspiration in the photo story (below).  Barney has been made in a cotton yarn so is a little different in texture from the dog in the picture, he's also a bit brighter (in colour). His ears are different and it's amazing how this changes his character. I'm developing a little dog lead and something for his neck - possibly a bow ? 

You may notice Lucy has a couple of hand crafted buttons on her dress (yet to be sewn on) and she will get a new bag, based on the school satchel idea. I'm not sure how the bag will turn out ? - I'm not going for a school bag 'look' as such but I like the 'lined' feature and the fastenings. 


Lucy needs some shoes too, hopefully I can get those sorted today - I'm going for ballet pumps.
I think, after these few little jobs, Lucy will be finished. I'll share any developments tomorrow.

Thanks for calling in.