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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Catching Up

Hi Everyone
I've got good and bad news to report re my current project lists ! I decided to rework my coin purse (read back for details earlier this week). I mentioned yesterday that my first try re attaching the purse frame was less than acceptable. The lighter coloured thread highlighted a rather unsightly row of stitches. I did spend some time undoing the lighter thread and did intend to redo the job using a similar type of thread but matching the colour to the main felt. However, I decided to use some matching wool yarn. Great decision and much more suitable for the job. The purse looks much more professional and it's finished. The bad news is ....... I didn't start the next felted purses - just ran out of time ! Hopefully, today's the day. 


My number 2 job is to develop some beaded bracelet samples for a few new workshops. I want these bracelets to be very simple aand suitable for beginners. I quite like the idea of using unusual 2 hole beads but I need to keep the costs down too - quite a challenge. The initial designs are looking good but the detail necessary for clasp ideas are not quite there. Hopefully, I can squeeze some time with this project into my day.

Just at the moment, I have so many projects 'on the go' and almost no chance of finishing them - without some management ! I'm resorting to my usual list making techniques to try and resolve my dilema. Everyday - I seem to be inspired by something new and just launch into a ne MAKING session without considering priorities !! There's something inside which doesn't want to kill my creative enthusiasm; so ......... I'm going with it !

Thanks for reading.