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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Where is Miss Mitchell ?

Hi Everyone
We have another doll (almost), I was expecting Miss Mitchell but having worked on her for a few days - this doll does not have the right facial features !
I've decided the doll is Miss Mitchell's sister - Lucy. My plan is to work on some new 'button like' facial features using the safety eyes approach for Miss Mitchell.  I will make the eyes, nose and mouth with a little post which will allow a safety cap to be applied in the same way safety eyes are secured.
In the meantime, Lucy will get a pretty knitted dress and some knitted knickers (winter lingerie style !) I'm also thinking I will add some beading to the outfit - very Lucy ! Here she is with Freya :


I'm not sure exactly which colour I will use for Lucy's dress ? - will spend the day pondering this one.
I tried to crochet Lucy in one piece and almost made it, her head is separate but actually croched in place - does that count ? Not sure why this is important ?
Miss Mitchell (Bella) will be somethwhere between the two dolls in terms of size - I like the larger doll. I'm not sure I will change anything else other than the facial features - these 'feature buttons' will take some time to develop, they need to be right. I like the hair colour and want the hair to be versatile for styling with different outfits. I will use the photo of Bella as a constant review - hopefully I can make a good job. Keep calling in for updates.

Thanks for reading.