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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Making Framework Workshop

Hi Everyone
It's a Making Framework Worshop day today. This time we are making BUTTONS from polymer clay. The idea is to make a batch of different interesting buttons which we will use for a variety of planned projects in the future. However, I'm also developing a number of small projects which are made from buttons to illustrate other ways of using buttons for decorative purposes. I'm going to make a new button project each week for the next three or four weeks and will feature each make as it happens. This week, it's a pretty heart hanging decoration. I've been experimenting with different ways of constructing the heart shape with wire and string or yarn. As I made the shape, lots of different construction ideas came into my mind which has inspired more 'hearts to be'. I've decided the key to successful construction is the thickness of the wire - too thin and the heart shapes will not hold but too thick and there are difficulties with threading (neatly) through the buttons.


I also found that the individual buttons needed to be 'threaded' to give a good look - I picked out the mustard colour with a knitting yarn to add a bit of texture to the centre of the button as well as hide the wire. I wasn't too keen on the construction wire showing so it was wrapped with blue coloured jute. For this heart, I've used a limited colour range for my hanger but any colour combinations would work. I'm now keen to try out different size heart hangers and different button colours. I think a collection of hangers would be great for shop display purposes.

I like the heart hanger and at the moment, it's a pretty burst of colour on my kitchen wall. The back is neat so it could 'dangle' in an appropriate place.

Our workshop today will create initial batches of buttons but Makers could consider making a hanger for themselves. I will take some photos of the creations to share.
Thanks for calling in.