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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Making Buttons

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing a selection of our 'button makes' today. These buttons are the results of yesterday's workshop. Most of the buttons were created using our moulds but we also experimented with some free form fish buttons. I've circled my favourite from each board but all the buttons are lovely and are so pretty as a collection. Well done to everyone.



We spent a lovely 2/3 hours playing with polymer clay and chatting with coffee/biscuits. Lots of laughs and little stories.

The buttons will be baked/cured today and will be ready to be finished with a little sanding and possibly highlighted with some paint/wax in another session.The idea is to keep the buttons to embellish a number of projects in the future and I'm already thinking about making some pretty boxes to keep the buttons safe. I like the idea of 'tins' - not sure why ? but will do a bit of research later today.

Thanks for calling in.