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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Holiday 3

Hi Everyone
It's the middle of our weeks holiday and flying by ! The weather is dreadful but I'm happy doing little bits of ' making' each day. My plan yesterday was to make some buttons from polymer clay. I did manage 39 buttons ! - all made while watching tennis on TV. I didn't have any colour idea other than buttons for the Freya doll (little pink buttons). The colours just presented themselves from my clay box.
I wanted to develop a variety of different making techniques - moulding buttons, using cutters and freestyle combinations. I did manage to make samples using the range of techniques but mainly stuck with moulds. Here they are - ready for sanding and polishing :

Now - what am I going to do with all these buttons ? Always a problem for me. I love buttons and have lots of them. I also have a book of making things with buttons but it's not quite there for me. I'm not hugely impressed with the jewellery ideas, although Im not ruling anything in or out yet. More news on that one, tomorrow (after more research).
Today, I plan to make a few more buttons in some different clay combinations. Will share my results tomorrow.

Thanks for calling in.