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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

New Inspirations

Hi Everyone
I'm very excited this morning about a new find via Pinterest. I've been working away making crochet dolls for a few weeks now (read back for more on this) and get new ideas most days !
 I've been a bit stuck on a dress for my Lucy doll (read back a few days for more on this). I have the vision in my head but I'm trying to get the right shape for the dress as well as mix up knit and crochet sections - there's no good reason for this other than, I think the knit and crochet stitches give a pleasing contrast in texture. This is part of my vision. Amazingly, I made a breakthrough last night and I think we are there ! However, browsing Pinterest, which takes up loads of my time, I came across this :

I know TILDA fabric dolls very well and have dabbled there (a few years ago). Imagine my thrill when I spotted this crochet version. I could hardly contain myself. There's a free pattern too - thank you to Olde. I love the green version but I also love the stripey legs. What a dilemma !! Perhaps, I need to make two ? 
My other news today - the start of a new jewellery Collection in the Simply Metal range. I need a name but the idea has been brewing for a while. I'm using some tiny flat silver discs and turning them into bezel components and adding to simple jewellery designs. I've started with a ring but will develop my usual five pieces. Most pieces will have two tiny disc bezels. Here is apeek of the first part. 


I'm going to add some coloured clay to the bezels, I'm calling the clay additions  'poly gems'. I'm slightly delayed because I've ordered some bright, sparkly clay for the job. The poly gems will be very small so I thought the sparkle idea would make them 'zing'.

Thanks for calling by.