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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Everyday Collection - continued

Hi Everyone
I'm on my third day of the Everyday Collection:Trees today ( you can read back each day for more on this project). I've reworked the oblong shaped bead and made them 'thinner'. The new shapes are much more like the 'trees' from my initial inspiration idea.  I was hopeful that I would stumble across the right solution if I kept working and experimenting and this has proved to be the case. I didn't need to drastically change the clay mix, I've altered the shade of red, slightly, but the consistency of the clay is the same as my first batch. I guess the narrower bead is proportionate and therefore more stable in the pre cured form.
Here's a quick look at the new samples :


My job today is to develop lots more beads (the two shapes above as well as the round sample) and write up the recipe/tutorial as I go. I find the process of writing instructions more useful if I literally, jot down every step of production. I tend to review and edit my written instructions the following day and turn the words into a simple step format. I also like to include lots of visual prompts so will also take photos and possibly draw quick diagrams.

Thanks for calling in today.