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Monday, 25 September 2017

Everyday Collection Designs

Hi Everyone
Today, I'm concentrating on developing new additions to the Everyday Jewellery Collection. I've mentioned this range of polymer clay jewellery several times (look back for details) and am keen to keep going with new ideas. The concept behind this range is, as the name suggests, is a Collection of jewellery suitable to wear for almost all activities. I always test out each design for running, cleaning (don't do much of that !), painting/craft, gardening and general living activities. If a design seems awkward or gets in the way of the activity then it's not suitable. I'm confident each design will work as an Everyday piece if it reaches the production phase.
The process for developing my designs usually follows a similar path. I will be inspired by something and a sketch is produced, followed by a workshop session to produce initial prototype pieces. 
My latest additions to the Everyday Collection has followed this process. I found myself cycling through a stunning forest of trees at the weekend and was struck by the tall, compact trees on either side which promoted thoughts about new beads and ways of linking them. Here's a quick look at my inspiration :


These trees created an immediate sense of upright, rounded oblong shapes. As I cycled through the forest, I was surrounded by the shapes and immediately started thinking about bracelets and how to develop individual beads. I'm not sure I did a very good job on the photos, the inspiration was more to do with travelling through and being surrounded by the trees. My photo gives a more distant view, the inspiration was more of a 'feeling'. However, the idea was planted in my brain. Throughout my cycling session, I found myself thinking about how the jewellery could 'look'. When I got home I sketched out these ideas :


I'm hoping to play with the colour mix and develop the first beads for this project later. I'm calling the new set : Trees, so will hopefully have something to share and wear for next week.

Thanks for calling in today.