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Monday, 26 March 2018

Stitched Story Week 4:1

Hi Everyone 
I’m almost there with my individual elements for the Stitched Story Project. More on each of the elements later in the week. 
My latest little creation is inspired by a fabric bow by Jessie Chorley. I’ve taken the clock bow idea and started to think about how I can incorporate this embellishment into my Stitched Story. 
So far, I’ve produced a bow (see images on left) and used simple running stitches to decorate the bow.


I want to develop a fabric embroidered clock and am wondering how I can link a part of my story to the clock. At the moment, I’m thinking about how many years have passed since developing the original Miss Mitchell Folk Art doll and trying to relate that date to a symbolic time on my clock. I’d like the clock part to be a small quilted item which can attach to the bow. The whole embellishment will then pin to the bag. Read back for more details about the Project as a whole.
I’m planning to use a stamp to develop the clock face, the stamped numbers can act as a guide for embroidery. That’s the plan. I particularly like the covered fabric buttons on the Jessie Chorley sample, so may try to develop something similar.
My intention is to produce all my patches and embellishments before I commit to including them in the finished piece. As mentioned, I think I’m almost there. I could go on making elements forever,  at some point, there needs to be a decision to stop. More on that later in the week.

Thanks for calling in today.