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Monday, 17 October 2011

War Paint and fabric prints

Hi anyone
here is a quick  of the last two little projects :
print on canvas

the print in my 'made @ thepapersac' book has been great - I did wonder if it was going to turn out OK but its a good outcome - I've learned lots about the process and that was the point but I'm hoping I can use the print in my December From Scratch picture.
The technique was followed as described by Elsie in her blog
and it was pretty much how she described it - my only question would have been how thick should the paper be (the paper with the image on it) ? and how much rubbing is too much - rubbing away image as well !!!

close up of center
July doll

My other project of the moment From Scratch has now got the improved July doll - she is more sophisticated with her 'war paint'. Can you make out the bird flying overhead ?

Bye for now.