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Friday, 21 October 2011

Simple Printing Technique

Hi anyone
I have a bit of an update on the December picture in the From Scratch collection - as mentioned already a few days ago, I've been experimenting with a simple printing technique (inspired by Elsie Larson on her blog DIY projects ) take a look at her results .
I've collated a few pictures to show some of the development of this process in my work.
The snaps above show stages in revealing the print image and then how I turned the finished fabric print into a dress for my doll. The image (for the dress) I chose to use comes from an old cooking magazine and is of sweets tied in red striped fabric, made into a wreath with a wire round shape frame - perfect for my December theme in the From Scratch collection - look back at the From Scratch project within this blog if you are interested to see how this projects fits together. The collection as well as this picture is way from completition but it will give an idea of how the elements are developed.
December doll - under construction
Bye for now.