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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Art For Rooms Launch

Art For Rooms - acrylic on canvas
I'm officially launching (mainly to myself) the next big idea. I'm calling it   - Art For Rooms. I have mentioned it before for all those people who think its not new !  Anyway the project involves  producing a piece of art - could be a painting or ? to compliment a room in a home - a real home rather than a magazine shoot. My sort of thing is mixed media so my examples will focus on that. But I'm aiming to get other people involved to create their own art for their own rooms - its the creating experience as well as the finished product that I think will be important. Each piece will have good reasons for existing ie story behind the images, colours, textures or why done in the first place etc. Part of the idea stems from the many 'Art Saves' stories on Crescendo Am going to get a range of examples and see how it goes - anyone wanting to join in would be very welcome. I'd love to hear any ideas or examples. Bye for now.