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Monday, 24 October 2011

Mr Jeeves and Friends

Hi anyone
been busy with planning a family holiday today - we always go to Whitby during half term October week - been going about 8 years I think ? we always do similar things : walks in the woods and hot chocolate in a wonderful outdoor cafe, shopping in the Old Town, visit the Abbey and maybe a walk on the beach.The holiday lasts about 3 days - so very short. However, its also 'Goth Week' and there are some amazing costumes to spot - will try and get some pictures to show when we return.
Also done a few nursery collection pieces (must think of another name - it seems too limiting to call the pictures nursery stuff !) I have started rather than finished - some are further on than others - here they are :
Little Bird


Molly and Little Bird together
As well as Molly and her friend Little Bird theres the star of the collection :
Mr Jeeves

Well thats it for now - will be away until Friday 28th - see you then.