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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Where can I find a thrift shop ?

Hi anyone

what a lovely day here - its frosty but wonderful sunlight and its only 9.20am ! Also just had a great 5 mins or so watching a Suzi Blu video on her blog - love Suzi - she is the person that changed everything for me - she said I was an artist - so I am !! Take a look at her new thing its a wonderful idea and needs to be added to the made@ thepapersac book list. The only thing is where can I find a thrift shop ? - I know we call them charity shops here in the UK and there will be large ones similar to the thrift shops in USA but not in my little corner of England. I will, however, try the charity shops tomorrow and see what turns up ? I maybe surprised !
Also done another little picture - not finished but its another Suzi inspired thing - shes called Phoebe Flower Girl - she will have lots of flowers and a big pink bow to hang up the picture.
Phoebe Flower Girl

Bye for now