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Friday, 14 October 2011

Pink is the colour

Hi anyone
June doll - first stage colour
Been colouring the doll for June - From Scratch project - just first stage but it gives an idea for development that I like to record.She is more blonde than I had expected but that may change over the day. Lots of the picture background is pink and her dress has pink in it.

Breaking news - also bought a new pink pen yesterday - disposable fountain - pink ink is seems so relaxing to journal in pink, so have written lots today. Pink is my colour for the day.
Am aiming to work on the long lost butterfly. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but its been on my list most days for about two months. I originally did a similar butterfly for a Holocaust museum project earlier last year - it was in memory of all the children that died and a very moving idea to represent all our lost children with a butterfly - there is a site if you would like to take a look at all the butterflies and where they come from. There are some fantastic butterflies and each time I look it does make me think of the children. Scroll down the link to find my actual butterfly.
Anyway, I thought I would like to take inspiration from the idea for my From Scratch project and have been struggling to get it right. Today, I have the wings and body of my butterflys - so will try and get one sorted to share later.
Am also working on the print I started a few days ago - if it works I will incorporate into the Dec picture. Please read earlier posts for information re these projects. Bye for now.
PS still waiting for a comment - any comment will do x