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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Such as life ! for the 'folky doll'.

Hi anyone
have been browsing for inspiration as usual and Elsie Larson has come up with another application for a  canvas print using the same technique re fabric (I explained this yesterday in my blog) - this time with black and white photographs - the result is stunning and its given me lots of new ideas for my stuff - watch this space. Here's a link if you want to see Elsie's project .
Miss Burton
Having spent lots of time on the December From Scratch doll and using the fabric printing technique, I was reminded of another doll Miss Burton that I did a while ago - could be her sister ? what do you think ?
December doll
Miss Burton ended up in another larger wooden picture will get her up later (in finished mode) - looking at the initial sketch/ 1st.colour she seemed to change colours and her dress by the time she ended up in the final picture ! Such as life ! for the 'folky doll'.

Bye for now