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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Pure Inspiration

Hi anyone
have spent the last 30mins being amazed by lots of mini projects and some inspiring art - I tend to browse around favourite sites at this time most days looking for new and wonderful inspiration - I'm never disappointed and there are so many projects out there to try - I want to have a go at everything ! Here are a few of the ones I am writing in my made@thepapersac book for trying :  this is a wonderful mini apple book.

Miss Mitchell - of course !
My next project on the list will be Apple Doll Tutorial from

I'm hoping to try this one and then apply to my Miss Mitchell doll (above) - could take a while to get this finished. The last one added today will be another apple themed item which caught my eye - again I will adapt for use with some theme of my own - here is the link 
this project is a journal.

I could go on but three is a good number to add today - time etc will not allow anymore ideas to happen.
However, I must draw attention to the work of Cori Dantini - I love her drawings and have been reminded of why I try and aspire to work hard and be somewhere as good - one day ! My favourite today is
take a look and be inspired.

Bye for now