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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Art for or from the room ?

Hi anyone  ...........
                             news for my 'FROM SCRATCH daily handwritten journal' is still finding it difficult to get here, however, there is much progress and I'm almost there with all the pictures - will aim to get pictures done today (my current major problem is the photographs of pictures or lack of them). I think I will try and get bits of my journal here too - it gives a much better view of my thoughts about the project on a daily basis and that is the point of the whole project ie my development from scratch each day.
I have another idea too to report - making pictures or pieces of art FOR rooms - have done this in my own home (previous blogs show some of them) and I have a friend who has asked me to do something for her in a new self build house which is almost complete. When I thought about this idea as a new project, I was reminded of a Woody Allen film where his character dams anyone for choosing art to fit into a room ie complimenting colours etc.(Hannah and Her Sisters comes to mind as the title of the film ? although not entirely sure ?) anyway the Woody character is very much against the frivalous nature of choosing art to 'fit' into the room  as an accessory - my idea is about creating the art from the inspiration of the room rather than the other way around - so its OK !
On another matter, today I have a Tweet for Molly Makes (love this magazine) asking for craft-like blogs/shops etc to contact the creative editor - so am going to send this - might inspire me to update more oftern if I think anyone is reading. My lovely husband was reading it yesterday but I'm not sure anyone else does. I would love to get a comment if there is anyone out there. x