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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Pencils and lost keys

Hi anyone
still here in Whitby - weather a bit dull today and wer have a huge problem with lost keys - Richard has made the journey home by train to get the spare set - hopefully we can extend our stay and re live today again tomorrow !
Been doing a little art and have produced another face inspired by Cori Dantini - its another of her pictures (not the one above) but the idea comes through in my work (I think) - not got the software for uploading here with me so will do it when I get home.
Have also spent time sharpening my coloured pencils - I use PrismaColour pencils - they are fantastic for colour shading - I do all my picture faces with these pencils and buy them from - its possibel to buy specific pencils 1 at a time. I will post pictures of my portable colour kit when I get back. Here it isbelow - I have also had more than my monies worth of the current white pencil !

Will aim to get my version of the new picture completed for the picture today - loads of time waiting for Richard to get back with my car - thankfully only one journey by train. Its not straightforward as we are in the middle of nowhere and we also live in the sticks. Will let you know how things turn out.
Bye for now.