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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Who is Bella ?

Hi Everyone
Today, it's a Making Stuff Workshop day. I run a 3 hour practical workshop in our local High School every other Tuesday. We are in the middle of a 2 session necklace project and will finish this morning. I've developed the original project slightly (for session 2) and have learned a few simple lessons about finishing and organising the beads within the project idea. Having adapted the project, I particularly like the original look of the necklace. My idea of the development was to graduate the size and mix the beads to cover the threading cord. I also wanted to change the closure technique by adding a metal hook clasp.

Both necklaces work well as an item of jewellery. However, I prefer the original design. The second design needs a more graduated system of beads to realise my development idea. The leap from smallest to the next size bead is too large. This is entirely due to the size of cutters in my box. To give the true graduated system I need more varied/graduated cutters. I'm working on it and have sourced a few more sizes.
My next development of this project will be a bracelet following the second design idea. I will incorporate a hook clasp and try to have a seamless, graduated 'flow' of beads (coming from the centre). I will also make an elastic version - elastic is my favoured design. Clasps get in my way ! - especially while working. However, often the clasp adds a more sophisticated look and many people seem to like them.

Returning to the Making Stuff Project - Im developing a detailed project outline and am working on a sample 'virtual' student called Bella. I'm creating Bella to give me a story for illustrating how the project will work. If I can talk about Bella and 'get to know her' in my own head, I think I can explain how others could use the processes. I will keep you informed of Bella and how she gets on.

Thanks for reading.