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Monday, 2 July 2012

Even more bracelets and other jewellery !

Hi Everyone
Weather report is not so good - looks very like rain again ...... We have had a few days with warm sunshine over the weekend - often a hint of rain but dry in the end.
I've spent a little of my time in the garden trying to get a new water feature to happen - need more time. So, not quite done anything else. Family time always takes over at weekends but I usually do a little something with paints. Not this weekend.
I also ran out of the fireline beading stuff for the bracelet I had started.

I ordered some more and it's just come - will try and finish ASAP.
I'd quite like to wear it.
I was also inspired (while waiting for the extra threading material) to try a design of my own with stuff from my stash- here is a quick look. I've used simple yellow beads and navy cord. I need to find a larger bead to finish the tying end. It's another wrap design and I like it.

I also have a few commissions (cards) which need to take priority. Hence not much time this week. Not sure what else I can achieve but Harry Vickers needs some paint on his bicycle - will aim for that. Would also like to make Mary Havershams broach ( a long held wish on my jobs list). I've got a little plan

If I manage those few things I will be happy.
Am still enjoying listening to Wimbledon - I can listen and work. If I do get distracted to watch - my days will be gone !!!!
That's it for today.
Bye for now