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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Mermaids and book talk

Hi Everyone
Weather report is again a bit disappointing - its showers and wet ! Where has the sun gone ?
Lots of stuff to do today. I've got loads of house cleaning - I've been putting this off for too long. We have a scout camp to prepare for tomorrow and to my surprise the kids have a day off school tomorrow - I had thought half term 'hols' started tomorrow evening ! But no - its this evening.
Also having my Dad and friend for coffee in the morning - again, my planning has gone out the window and my thoughts of a civilised affair on the patio is unlikely - the weather and the kids are conspiring to stop this before it starts !! Such as life !
However, art will be 'my salvation' or will it ? When can I fit in my hopes for Nigella. I tinkered a little yesterday, but I'm not sure anyone else would recognise my progress. I will achieve something !

A few things to share :

Suzi Mermaid
This is a Suzi Blu stamp - coloured and decorating a little moleskin. Suzi is my hero - I'm sharing this because I want to do a new painting using this stamp and adding a mermaid of my own (inspired by this very stamp).

My Mermaid
Here she is. I will redraw and add lots of little embellishments.

mermaid picture embellishments
I hope to use these sketches and will develop some more. I want the mermaid painting to be a larger piece - perhaps A3 size ? Not sure. Need to source the wood.

Love this picture of Sarah Strackan's beautiful dolls - in an iron bed. Absolutely wonderful. She has lots of examples collections - go take a look and be inspired. The dolls make me smile everytime I look at them. I would like to make one of my character dolls into such a doll. Maybe one day.
Sarah Starckans Dolls

I also am going to read this book next - we have a holiday next week and am hopeful of a little reading time ! Not sure if I wil get it.
I plan to include some 'book talk' in my blog - not sure what format this will take but I like to idea of discussing books. Many of my paintings have book stories or links.
Will announce my plan when it comes to me.

Thats it for today.