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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Can LIFE be integrated ?

Hi Everyone
Fantastic sunshine today - makes such a difference to 'living', doors open etc. Good start to my day. However, my run today is on hold while I wait for a new microwave delivery !! No time for delivery, so just waiting. The run would have improved things even more. Still, can't have everything.

On a more interesting tack - am going to get all my current works photographed and organised for a print job as well as proofs for the book (FROM SCRATCH) - I'm in danger of boring people to death with ' the book'. Need to take a deep breath and shut up.
My aim today is : work on the book cover and a little more work on my mini handmade book. Some lovely little stamps arrived this morning. I had them in mind to use on the handmade book so will give that a go. Here they are :

I love these border stamps and have high hopes for the handmade book cover ! Will share when I've done some experimenting.

I spoke about the Stitched Postcard yesterday and my swap partner, Meredith. It's such a great thing to make connections with other people working in 'Art'. I'm going to look for other joint projects. I had a lovely email from Meredith - thanks again for your card. Here it is again

Not sure what else is going on ? (just thinking out loud there). My photo session today will 'move on' work preparation for the shops. I must not ignore the stock. Both shops are empty at the moment. This part of my work is also part of FROM SCRATCH so I'm integrated in my thinking. Trying to be anyway. Life isn't always so organised but I try to put up a good front !!!

Must get on
Bye for now