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Friday, 28 September 2012

Mixed Media Dolls

Hi Everyone
Weather is lovely today. Bright sun but cool.
I've lots of volunteer work on today so not much time for work. I need to make up the work time later in the day. I plan to do another layer on the book cover (priority job).
I managed to get the 12 Dolls photographed. Each doll represents a month and reviewing all together, there is quite a job in order to finish the collection. Each painting represents a new technique. Some techniques are minimal within the piece and form part of the development of the painting. I will provide a commentary for each, describing the process and how to practice and apply it. I think this is part of the personal journey to finding an individual style ( as well as my own development journey).
I'm showing the collection here, I start with Jan and move down each line ending in Dec.

Although there is still lots of work to do, I'm relatively pleased with my progress. There is a story behind each painting and each character within the Papersac village idea. I will be revealing these stories over the next few weeks. All in preparation for the FROM SCRATCH book.
Just noticed something on this blog Elsie Larson which reminded me of me yesterday. I wore some sandals - I felt OK but lots of people had boots on !!! I will go with sandals again today - unless it's very wet !! I'm hanging on to the last stages of Summer as long as possible.
In the end, I'm wearing these very old and scuffed ballet pumps ( the front sole is actually flapping ! - every time I wear them, I'm anxious that my foot will go straight through).

I often look in on this blog Take a look here . I've mentioned the artist (Katherine Quinn) a number of times and have posted some of her pictures too. I also have a button on the site called Sleep and her Sisters. This is a lovely big example of her work with a sort of doll. I see a Miss Mitchell or one of her friends in this style of painting.

I love this mixed media piece, lots of layers but simple too.
Bye for now, have a great weekend.