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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Inspiration - from everywhere !

Hi Everyone
Weather wonderful again - bright sunshine but a little 'chilly'.Bright blue sky is so inspiring for me.
Managed to get my run in yesterday - great feeling to be running again. Today, I am a little tight on my right side but still good for my rehab
On another subject, I've not been scanning my daily blog list for ages - much too busy ! However, a quick scan this morning has thrown this up

It's a new book (mentioned on the Elsie Flannigan blog) I was drawn to a picture from the book

How fab is this ! Beautiful. Birds attached to an indoor tree ,it seems it's a project in the book. Apparently the book is not out yet - must buy it ASAP. I will share when the time comes.

Yesterday, I made great strides in my photo shoot - almost there with material for a new print run. I will put the groups together and share when ready. I'm using an app called snapseed , it has great potential for using in combination with my original art. I have so many new ideas after the shoot. Must keep on track - very difficult when I'm bursting with new ideas !!!
I didn't manage to try out my new stamps from yesterday - so today I will give them a go.
Am also having coffee with a friend this morning. Must go and get organised.
Work will have to wait for a few hours.

Bye for now