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Monday, 24 September 2012

Fashion Drawings from the Sixties and other stuff !

Hi Everyone
Had a great weekend - lovely friends and family time and great weather. However, weather today is dreadful, raining and windy and quite like 'winter' - so cold and unpleasant I've not ventured out much !!!
Workwise, it's been a bit slow today. I've tweaked a few projects and I have a card order for a wedding. I used to do loads of card orders but try not to do many these days. They take too long, generally and I've not got the time. However, this is for a friend and I have a design. I just need to get some ribbon and an hour or so will do it. Will post it here when it's complete. I have done a very similar version before. Here it a prototype former version for reference :

I made this up for a friends wedding anniversary. My new version will have another colour scheme but will follow the design.
I've also made a little envelope for my little boy ( he's not so little now but he's the smallest - so gets the ' little ' tag). It's a slightly grown up version of a tooth fairy envelope. I always used to make these when the kids were much younger.

I've put a silver coin in the envelope and will hide it under his pillow.

Our friends (from the weekend) reminded me that I had a wonderful box of drawing and other memorabilia, left to me by an aunt. One of the girls from the family is currently studying fashion and my box contains lots of stuff, produced by my aunt as a fashion student in the sixties. I have spent time looking through the collection several times but it's so inspiring to see it again. The fashion student was very interested in the sample she saw, so I've taken a few snaps to share and give an idea of the drawings. There's lots of magazines as well as original drawings and I feel I must do something with them (other than just sharing on here). Not sure what I can do with the collection at this stage ? Love the whole feel of the images and clothes, they wouldn't look out of place at the moment.
This is a very small sample of the work - just as it is in the sketch books.

Picture 3 is my favourite of this bunch.

That's it for today.

Bye for now.