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Friday, 21 September 2012

Room Art - book news

Hi Everyone
Weather report is difficult to make this morning - some rain and clouds but sunshine too ? Not sure how it will go. It is cold - definitely !
It's warm in here - I've put the heating on ! Just for an hour. I've got lots on today, one of my friends needs some help with designing and producing 'labels' for a jewellery range she is launching. So, I've got a few ideas to help. Will get her stuff on here when it's ready to go.

Also need to move on the book cover ( read back for book info). I got Miss Mitchell on the front. Lots of more work needed to integrate but it's OK so far

I will add more paint and try and find some ideas about integrating close up images of Miss Mitchell eg her eyes and other signature elements of my dolls. Not sure exactly how this will go but that's my idea.

Also managed a little work on a new piece :

This is a very early stage in the development of the piece which will appear in the ROOM ART book - this book has been on hold for a while but is underway again. The book will be in the same format as FROM SCRATCH. I hope using the same format will help with production processes ? Who knows ?

This is a recycled project using an old piece of wood panel. I have left the grooves and holes etc and will use them/highlight them in the design. The wood is very rough cut at the ends and I especially like the effect. The picture on the wood is a transfer image on cotton fabric. The fabric is recycled from an old curtain lining and the image came from a furniture leaflet which landed through the letterbox of our home.

The recycle element is important, as is the colour,feel etc and will be designed and produced for display in a specific location. This link with the 'end location' and the recycle element is the point of the project which will appear in the book. I'm excited about this book and have high hopes. Will post some more news in the next few weeks on this idea.

Must go. Bye for now.