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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Is the Summer Over ?

Hi Everyone
At last ................
I think my Summer holiday is absolutely over !! Looking back , it's many weeks since my last blog. Most of the school holiday period we were away holidaying in the UK. Weather was great and we had a lovely time. Since returning, I've been fighting to get the house and the washing back into some shape - almost there. I've also got my work schedule up to date and my head is almost 'back to my routine'. So, it's very much 'almost' on all fronts.

Looking back at my last blog, I was in the throws of the Stitched Card Project. I finished my stitched postcard and sent it (while on holiday). Here is a quick look at the card

This shows the two sides of my card. It's posted on Flickr too. I'm waiting for my swap ie my card went to Australia and my swap will come to me. I look everyday. Will post the card on here, when it comes.

Major, exciting news :
my FROM SCRATCH book is in production. It's got a real structure and project deadline etc. will share bits as I go forward with the content. I've built on the longtime developed plan of my working FROM SCRATCH concept. The book will be a regular soft cover book and I have a new cover based on a Miss Mitchell design. I will focus on the book and will produce a number of prints (using book content) as well as three new big paintings. Prints etc will be available in my Etsy and Folksy shops. Not sure how big the big painting will be ? But - BIG ? That's it in terms of the next six months work.No pressure there !!!
It doesn't sound much but it's EPIC !
That's it for my mini update. Will be back into blogging - weekdays.
Bye for now