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Friday, 14 September 2012

FROM SCRATCH - book cover in progress

Hi Everyone

Weather great today - sunny and a little windy but lovely.
Regular readers of this blog will have heard my odd chats about running and I'm going to blog my running development alongside the weather each week day. Just to set the scene : I've had a range of injuries - my last problem seems to be caused by a long standing issue which I would need a book to explain, so I will simply say, I had a severe knee problem. The first signs of this last problem came around the beginning of July. Over the next few weeks I found myself having to stop running and applying ice just to keep going with my general business.
However, I've made huge positive progress with my knee issues - I've had deep muscle manipulation along the full extent of my right leg and it's wond erful. My running started again last Monday and after being very careful with stretching and ice, I do believe, I'm on my way. My programme is a 5k/10k run plan which I use on my iPod . I run with Coldplay - which is great running music (for me). I do like Coldplay generally but especially when I'm running. The run today felt brilliant. My stats are very poor at the moment but when they get better I will be happy with myself. Loads of hard work required.When I'm fit my work will get better - I believe the two are so closely linked.
Talking about work, I'm on schedule. My initial task is to make the new cover for the new book FROM SCRATCH. The cover will be a project in the book and also act as the real cover for print. I wanted the colours and images on the cover to start and end with Miss Mitchell (an early and trade mark painting of mine) somehow ? My progress to date is good - I made some new paper cloth and did a drawing yesterday. Today, I want to paint . Here are a few pictures to share what I've done :

1)This is the initial paper cloth development with the structure of the cover.

2)A sketch of the new Miss Mitchell - based on the original.

3)After, adding a little colour with wax pencils.

4)Miss Mitchell - the original.

5)The cover structure made. Ready to slip onto a book and stitched to fit. The new Miss Mitchell - in progress.

Have a great weekend, back on Monday.

Bye for now