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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Creative Opportunity Here !

Hi Everyone
Weather improved on yesterday but still light rain around. The floods have subsided but lots of folk are now out of their homes for some time. We are very lucky and are fine.
I've not achieved my usual work day today, I'm busy with school volunteer stuff and have lost my way with my own work. I have done a little on my small handmade journal :

I have some more 'playing ' to do. But I quite like the look.
Later, I hope to get all the photos of my 12 dolls project together. This is on the list for this week and is a straight forward job but for some reason has not happened. Some of the paintings are not complete so will get some form of plan together.
I also came across some old frames in my garage( during a clear out) - they look usable and I will give this some thought.
I will share the photos when I get them organised. I do have lots of paintings which need to be paired with a frame. The old frames can all have a makeover of some sort. I will enjoy being creative with them. Here they are :

Not sure what I can do but I will definitely do something. It's not possible for me to throw such things away !!!

That's about it for today.

Bye for now