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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The result of a mistake !

Hi Everyone
Wow ! Here in Morpeth, we are facing more floods. The town had a severe flood 4 years ago and now it seems we are in for another today. Our home is fine (we live on a hill) a little way out of the centre of town. Some of the schools are closed and there is major disruption. So, my weather report is RAIN - no need for more.
Inside, we are warm and dry and I'm hoping to catch up with my FROM SCRATCH cover and my card order. If I manage that, all will be well. This is where I am at the moment. Miss Mitchell looks at bit dirty !

I had a short play with some stamps and a handmade journal last night - these pages were a series of mistakes in my cats and dogs journal. I love this cover :

More to fiddle with here- lots of fun trying to make some interesting picture out of a mistake.

Must go, bye for now