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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Miss Mitchell's Journey

Hi Everyone
Weather report today is a tad disappointing - its 'drizzling' rather than raining but ? - very dull and the forecast is poor !
My run is on schedule - I usually wait until the kids have arrived at
school so I have about 1/2 hour. Feeling good and have high hopes for a gradual recovery from my leg injury.
Today, I need to get some time in with work. I managed a little painting on the book cover I'm making ( included in my FROM SCRATCH book). I have documented the process and it's turning into a project. Here is a photo of the progress to date.

This is the outside of the cover,the first layer of acrylic.

The next photo shows the flaps for slipping onto the book ( to be covered).

The third photo is the cover, as it will be (when in use).
I will aim to get Miss Mitchell on today.
I've also managed to get the photo shoot complete. Ive talked about this for several days and its been in my work journal (as a job) for some time.So, I'm thrilled to announce, I now have 20 images for inclusion in my book (to date) - this is,of course, the first draft. Things will change !!! - many times. For now, it's a good thing.

These images show the range of Miss Mitchell's - each has a specific role in explaining aspects of her development.
Will show the original and the cover (when ready) - quite a journey for her and for me !
Must get going.
Bye for now.