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Thursday, 27 September 2012

A very BIG job

Hi Everyone
Weather today looks good - bit cloudy and certainly Autumn but dry. After all the rain and flooding in our town, what a relief !!
I'm looking to re do my working spaces today - I'm convinced my environment is restricting my work progress. Not looking forward to all the re organisation and the subsequent mess ! But it's got to happen.
I will try and do my photographs from last nights 'to do' list before I start. This is a good example of what I'm talking about - its my latest attempt to get my ART on track. I was full of good intentions re the photos and I ended up wasting time looking for stuff !!
I do endless reviews of my work and am learning that I need to be focused and organised. I think the key to this is making my work spaces help. Not sure what this means in practical terms. I hope the process of throwing rubbish out and looking at essential kit/storage will help me decide. I see all this stuff as part of FROM SCRATCH, therefore I plan to record the activity and the outcomes for my book.
On a lighter note, the postman has just brought some fantastic bubble die cuts. I must have a go and will post the outcomes here before my photo session and then the BIG job of the moment must begin.

This is a small selection of the bubble cuts, there are about 18/20 different dies in this pack - some are very small but the speech bubbles shown here are destined for some of my paintings. I hope they will be integrated into various scenes in number of pictures. Also great inspiration for lots of new ideas.
On another lighter note, while browsing this morning I came across this lovely item. I've seen it before but I like it even more now :

I love this cape (I like the socks as well ) and am very tempted to send for the book. It's on offer from Mollie Makes issue 18, the book is called Learn To Knit, Love To Knit by Anna Wilkinson. My only reservation is the time it would take for me to knit such an item. I'm not a brilliant knitter, so it could end up one of those projects which just sit somewhere !!! Not sure. Will report my decision tomorrow.
Bye for now.