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Monday, 17 September 2012

Project 'From Scratch'

Hi Everyone
Weather report is a bit mixed today, it could rain,very cloudy and slightly cool. Is Summer gone completely ?
Had a great weekend, family time and relaxed. Had another good run on Sunday - my rehab is working ! I have a constant worry about getting injured again, it will be a week or so before I feel confident about recovery.
Today, work has been slow. I've managed a little progress but need to work this evening. Here is an update on the book cover FROM SCRATCH :

I've painted Miss Mitchell with her first layer. I want to add to the background before getting her onto the cover. Hope to do this later.

I've also made and stuck the extra papercloth onto my mini book - its drying and awaiting the sewing phase.

As you see the cover now fits much better. I think the extra bit makes the cover look as if it fits the pages. I now need to add some extra paint layers to the cover.
I also have a little more exciting news. My swap partner from the 'Stitched Postcard Project', Meredith, has sent me her stitched card swap. It's lovely. Thank you Meredith. Ive been watching the post every day for the package. Here it is :

I have the card on display and everyone who comes in can admire it.

That's it for today.