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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Mini Book From Scratch

Hi Everyone
The weather is mixed today - one minute sunny the next showers or almost showers. Generally, it feels like Autumn is near. Bit of a shock. I do like the Summer and living outside.
However, life is good. My work is going OK and I'm on track so far this week and it's Thursday (minor miracle !) I've made some work goals which include a mini handmade book project. I thought I would share the process.

Here it is, so far.
I've used the leftover paper cloth from my stitched postcard project along with a sheet of heavy watercolour paper and some waxed cotton cord.
He are a few pictures of the development phases.

This picture gives an idea of the technique I used to stitch the pages and the book together. I took some time thinking through this one and I was unsure of which approach to take. I think this one works to a point. The card with holes and lines in the centre is a template for making and aligning the holes and the paper cloth piece is placed at the back of the book to give it a little more strength.I made the holes with a Clikit tool. I love this tool and use it often.

This is the tool. Very simple but effective and makes a great,neat finish to lots of materials. I use is often.

The next picture shows more clearly the position of the paper cloth piece at the back of the book.

I threaded the waxed cord through the holes and into the back of the book. The waxed cotton has been left long and I will add something to weight it - I see this being used as a bookmark and an additional style element.

As the pages are quite thick, I scored each page to give a form of spine.
Having 'built' the book - its a little too thick. I used A3 size paper, folded/ torn to fit my cover.The size was dictated by the piece of paper cloth ! Perhaps, this is not entirely the most efficient way of working but it appeals to me ie using up leftovers is in my blood ! As the pages are bulky, they tend to creep out of the cover. I've decided to make some more paper cloth to add an extra few cms. , I think I will sew the extra piece onto the cover by machine.
The book cover needs more 'art' - this is the best bit. Not sure how to continue but will share when I have something.
At the moment, the new paper cloth is being processed - its in the drying phase ( this will take overnight).

Here is a look at the development. This is the construction of the material and the next picture is the completed papercloth piece (while drying)

That's it for today.
Bye for now.