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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Day 4 of Christmas Prep. @ thepapersac

Hi from thepapersac
It's unusual to be blogging at the weekend but Christmas prep doesn't stop for anyone ! The weather is lovely - bright sunshine and clear blue sky's .

It's Day 4 and today it's the custom envelope for yesterday's card. Here is the front :

and here is the back.

I created the images for the paper when I designed the card. I used photoshop to develop the pattern and printed a single sheet per card of simple computer paper. Any paper would do, I like envelope paper to be quite thin. I often use wrapping paper.
Here are the photos that show the development of the envelope - it's very easy, the trick is to be very specific with placing and cutting/ folding lines and minimal glue.

My first task was to trim the plain border from the A4 print.

I placed the finished card onto the back of the printed page to check how and where the folds need to be - for a simple series of folds.

The first fold was made as the photos shows - using the finished card as a guide.

I decided the printed sheet needed extra trimming after looking at the card in place. Each side will need a fold of approximately 2cm. (to give the envelope design some balance).

After trimming one side, I was ready to make the crease lines.

Each crease line will also give a guide for trimming away parts of the envelope (to be).

I used scissors to cut into the corners of the fold. This seems to give more control than the knife.

I then, trim away the bits of the sheet I do not need - as per the photo.

Start folding the envelope by making the body part and glue down each side flap.

I generally do all this stuff without measuring (as Ive done it many times). However, I don't always get it exactly right first time. When I made this envelope, one of the sides of the envelope top flap opening was smaller than the other. This is very minor in terms of measurement but it looks awful when the envelope is stuck down. I treat this cut with caution and do a tiny angled cut and then check. I can always cut more away - but I can't put it back.

The photo doesn't show up too well but you get the idea when you compare the right hand side of the photo.
The next photo shows the tiny adjustment to be made. I finished each side with the creaser - this improves the overall shape of the envelope.

Ive added a simple double snowflake to make the closure pretty.

Ive also added a name plate to add a name and address to the envelope along with a few small snowflakes on the trees.

Here is the card and envelope together. Ive added an extra detail with the Merry Christmas label. It's these little details which can make each item very special.

Hope you are inspired to make some cards of your own. I love to receive a handmade envelope and with a little practice they can be almost as pretty as the card.

Bye for today. I will be back Monday with Day 5 - Sunday is a rest day after all !