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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Bead Moulds

Hi Everyone
Ive got a busy day today - volunteer work this morning and early evening so I'm going to try to get a new little project underway in the space between ( about 3 hours). Ive been thinking (seems like forever) of a way of making some moulded beads inspired by a tutorial I found via Polymer Daily here is a reminder of the original beads (you can find a tutorial in my Pinterest boards)

My plan later is to produce some moulds to work towards making beads which are something similar to the photo. I love these beads and am quite excited about the possibilities. I especially like the colour but may work on some other colours too.
I'm going to use plants from my own garden to make some moulds. Here are the plants. I picked them a few days ago and they are quite dry.

I will take some photos as I try to make the beads and share the process tomorrow - good or bad !

Thanks for reading