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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Tomato Talk

Hi Everyone
I'm celebrating picking my last (probably) tomato crop for this year. This will be the final big harvest - I may get a few more individual tomatoes if the sun keeps shining.

I can't believe how many tomatoes Ive had from two tiny plants. My plan is to make sauce from this batch. I intend to bag the sauce into small batches and freeze. I will enjoy taking out a bag every now and again and think of the lovely smell from the greenhouse as I picked the tomatoes. These toms are very sweet and juicy.
The other tomato plant is an unusual dark purple colour and has a small cherry tomato fruit.
Here is a bowl of soup made from the small cherry variety. The soup is mixed with celery and tastes very 'tomato like' although amazingly, there is no red colour.

Tasted great !

I did manage a little work today - as well as eating tomatoes and feeling very smug about eating my own produce. I'm focusing on packaging and developing a metal jewellery collection. I have some prototype wooden packaging going on with new printed labels. More work needed on this today.

Thanks for reading