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Monday, 8 September 2014

Celebrating the end !

Hi Everyone
It's the official back to work day for me (after a very long Summer holiday) - looking back Ive had a great LONG break and because the weather has been very good it's been extra enjoyable.
This weekend, our little family joined a local walking group for a lovely walk in the Lake District. Again, the weather was brilliant and we had a hard but exciting walk. Here is a view from the top looking down on Keswick and Derwent Water.

Here is another view of a Lancaster Bomber flying through the valley above Thirlmere. This caused lots of excitement and although the image is tiny the noise was immense and immediately recognisable (even to me - I'm no plane buff !).

Earlier, before the Lancaster Bomber experience, the Red Arrows flew over - amazing. Apparently, there was an air show going on in Glasgow as well as our walk. What a great end and celebration of Summer 2014.

Now - at last, it's time for work.

Thanks for reading.