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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Flower beads are here

Hi Everyone
Although, I had lots of commitments yesterday, I did manage to get my moulds made and some experimental beads created.
I used something called Siligum. It's described as a moulding paste. The process involves mixing equal amounts of each of the blue and white substances from two tubs supplied in the pack.

I used these garden plants as the basis for the shapes.

Here are samples of the plants places in the Siligum. The plants stayed in the Siligum for about 5mins (to set the shape).

The plants were removed - not an easy task ! The dried parts of the plants came away and stuck in the mould. I needed to use tweezers to remove all the little bits.
However, when cleaned the moulds were very detailed and easy to use. The Siligum is great stuff for this kind of job.

The moulds produced some lovely shapes and the detail is fantastic.

I wanted to link the two moulds into one bead by placing one inside the other.
I'm not sure what I can call my new flower bead but it's a lovely shape.
My next task is to colour the bead and decide what I can do with it ?

I particularly like the smaller bead and have I ideas to make a bracelet. Not sure about the larger one or the combination bead ? I will keep thinking and testing out some more ideas.

Thanks for reading