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Friday, 5 September 2014

What's wrong with knots ?

Hi Everyone
It's Friday already ! - how did that happen ? Ive been quite busy all week and felt happy that I have organised my monthly schedule, I'm now wondering about time management - again ! I'm still not into a high production routine but I'm getting there (I think ?). The weather this week has been great - almost 'hot' most days, this has helped my mood !

Most of my work has been centred around preparation for a few workshops in the middle of September. Ive got my samples sorted, materials and equipment organised - very satisfying. The workshop will offer either earrings, brooches and necklaces from scratch using polymer clay and my own sterling silver findings. It's a basic half day course and there will (hopefully) be more 'follow on' workshops to develop ideas and skills.
With the samples, I have been (unexpectably) working on ways of dealing with covering waxed cotton knots on necklace closures. I know leaving the knot is just fine (that's what I'd initially planned) but for some reason I'm never happy with the result (for myself). I like to wear my designs to check out if they are durable and the simple knot closure always leaves me wondering how I can get rid of the knot. Ive experimented with a few different techniques to share with my workshop students. Some work better than others. Essentially, Ive covered the knot with a bead. However, the challenge is how to get the bead over the knot and ensure the bead hole is big enough for the job, post construction. Each of the necklaces have a slightly different solution but Ive tried to make the necklace and then construct a bead around the actual knot, curing the final bead while in position. My anxiety was - can I carry out the curing without damaging the necklace ? No worries there - all beads, silver findings and waxed cotton come through undamaged in any way. Here are the results.

Learning from the experience, I can plan this process into the design next time. I will spend more time perfecting the covering bead. This bead is working just like a crimp cover. I have an idea to make a little mould for the job - perhaps in a few sizes ? I will ponder this one. I have other issues with this type of necklace design ! - I'll leave that debate for another day.

PS I'm also preparing some kits to add to the workshop offer and will put some in the shop when ready.

Thanks for reading.