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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Even more bracelets are born.

Hi Everyone
I had a poor day work wise yesterday, however, I went out to lunch and fiddled in the garden ! Great. I'm now ready for a packed 4 day week !

Today, I'm running a workshop as a fund raising event at my local school. I mentioned the details in yesterday's blog. The session has been lovely. Lots of amazing women - having a lovely time. Here is a look at what they came up with :

Everyone had great ideas and completed their works of art in a relaxed but focused manner. Can't ask for more (as a tutor). Thank you to everyone.

I have also planned some new metal jewellery designs for later and really need to get down to working. Just enough time for a coffee and a browse through a new magazine (arrived via post this morning). Not sure what else I can do to delay work ? Not sure why I'm delaying because I love what I do ?

Thanks for reading.