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Monday, 29 September 2014

How many bracelets do you need ?

Hi Everyone
Ive had a lovely weekend, didn't achieve much but it was relaxing and the weather was lovely.
I'm sharing a little of a new bracelet workshop which will start next week.
I prepared these beads last week and am using them for the basis of the session.

The idea is to look at colour mixing, bead shaping and threading. I'm using a range of very basic techniques and I want to keep the tasks simple. These colours are using left over clay from my last workshop. The colours I'm using in the workshops are colours which have been mixed and toned down with a metallic clay (other than the blues/brown).

The plan is to use up the original clay but with a twist. I'm hoping that almost all colours can mix with each other.
The mixing of two coloured clays is based on a simple cane technique. I want to explore the idea of caning but without too much complex cutting. I will get some photos of the results and share here. I know there will be some lovely surprises.
My next production plans this week are going to concentrate on metal work. Today, I'm hoping to get this going.

Thanks for reading.